Here are some of the transportation options when you want to visit the province of Samar in the Philippines. Travelers are advised to take the means of travel that will either be more convenient or otherwise more suitable for them. The transportation options we'll cover here will include all of the various means of transport. Take special note of the travel time and the cost for each mode of travel.

Traveling from Manila

There are a number of transportation options when you're going into Samar from Manila. Since there are no direct flights from Manila, our best option is to look for flights to nearby locations like Tacloban or Cebu. The island of Masbate is also close to Samar, however there are no airports in Masbate.

There are flights from Manila going to Tacloban City scheduled daily. The flight from Manila will take one hour and thirty minutes. Ticket costs for this flight will range from P2,000 to P3,500 for a one way trip. However, there are many flight promos so it will be worth your while to take a bit of time to scout for promotional offers from various airlines. Some promotional offers even slash the prices down even lower than P2,000 for that same one way ticket. Philippine Airlines are Cebu Pacific examples of airlines in the country that have flights scheduled to Tacloban City.

From Tacloban City you can travel over land to Samar. Buses, jeeps, and air-conditioned vans are your means of overland transport from Tacloban. These vehicles will travel the route from Tacloban City and cross the San Juanico Bridge.

The other option, if you're not going to fly from Manila is to take a bus. There are bus terminals in Pasay City and in the Cubao area in Quezon City. Buses here travel daily with trips scheduled to leave night and day. The bus ride will last for 12 hours until you get to the southernmost town in Luzon Island, which is Matnog in the province of Sorsogon. From Matnog, you'll take the ferry. Your bus will take you to the terminal in Samar after getting off the ferry.

The bus you take will usually stop every three or four hours at a restaurant or other terminal that you'll pass by along the way. You have a chance to stretch your legs and eat along the way to make the trip a bit easier. Some of the bus companies that take this route are Victory Liner, CUL Transport, Philtranco Bus, Silverstar, and Eaglestar bus.

Traveling from Cebu

If for some reason you can't find available flights from Manila to Tacloban, which is quite rare, you can book a flight to Cebu and travel from there. The flight from Manila to Cebu will cost around P2,500. Of course, this would be your obvious option if you were coming from this frequently visited area in the Philippines. The cheapest flights from Cebu to Tacloban City would cost around P2,000 with flights scheduled daily. Another option is to take a passenger ship from Cebu and travel by sea and head off Leyte then travel by land.

Traveling from Other Parts of the Philippines

Those traveling from the other parts of the country will have to get to either Manila or Cebu or look for other options. The Manila or Cebu transportation options are the most frequent modes of travel. Those traveling from Angeles City will have the option to drive to Manila or fly to Cebu and take whatever transportation option that's better for them from there. The cheapest flight from Angeles City to Cebu will cost around P2,500.

Roaming Around Samar

You'll find jeepneys, buses, and air-conditioned vans to be the usual means of transportation in the province. However, it will never fail to catch your attention to find motorbikes custom fitted with roofs that run around town and even cross the San Juanico bridge. These are your transportation options getting into and around Samar. Some modes of transportation may be easier than others, but just take the one that you fancy.



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